Salvage Harley Davidson parts often come from damaged or recovered stolen bikes.  Either way, it’s a lot cheaper than buying a new motorcycle.  Sometimes the parts are just a fraction of the original cost.

    There are many reasons to salvage Harley Davidson brand motorcycles. Few brands have more history and controversy attached to them.

    Some want to salvage a Harley simply for the appreciation of the bike. These cycles can be appreciated for both their look and their stellar and distinct craftsmanship.

    People are drawn to Harleys not simply because of the popularity. Many people have a great taste for the body design and the mechanics of the bikes.

    Aside from the technical appreciation, salvaging a Harley for the sake of historical significance is also appropriate. For not only are these bikes associated with the grand tradition of American motorcycle culture, the film “Easy Rider” has resulted in pop culture prominence as well.

    Thus, in choosing a machine such as a salvage Harley Davidson, you are actively involving yourself in a piece of history. For not only are these bikes simpler, but they come from simpler times, and each machine has its own story to tell.

    Salvage Harley Davidson Motorcycles are a lot cheaper to buy than a used or brand new Harley.  And most of the time salvage Harley’s are not as damaged.  Some of these Harleys just need a few parts that would be a fraction of the original cost.

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